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Tonkawa Falls 1 by Inuyashaslove Tonkawa Falls 1 :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 0 Heron or Egret by Inuyashaslove Heron or Egret :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 1 Photobombed by Inuyashaslove Photobombed :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 0 0 On The Edge by Inuyashaslove On The Edge :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 1 0 First Panorama by Inuyashaslove First Panorama :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 2 0 Belton Lake by Inuyashaslove Belton Lake :iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 1 0
One Who Cries ch 18
After the test results are examined and Bruce is finally able to give
them all a conclusive answer, everyone goes their separate ways with
the same thought in their heads. What did this mean for little Toni?
Tony leaves his daughter to her own devices and goes to the bar
upstairs. He pours a drink and wanders out on landing pad. Looking out
over the city he finally allows himself to just think
What was he going to do?
How was he supposed to handle this all by himself?
He stays outside for a long time and doesn’t come up with any
answers. He finally heads inside to refill his drink and is greeted
instead with the sight of Steve standing behind the bar holding a
steaming mug. When he doesn’t come any closer, Steve gestures to a
second mug sitting on the counter-top that Tony hadn’t noticed.
Tony finally joins Steve at the bar and studies the mug offered to
him. It turns out to be hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. Tony
raises a questioning eyebrow in S
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 1 1
One Who Cries ch 17
Toni’s nose chooses this time to sneeze. The three men look in her direction and sheepishly, Toni eases into sight. “I’m sorry.”
Tony walks over and picks her up, “You don’t have to apologize.”
“What’s going on?” Toni asks bluntly.
Tony grasps for an easy answer, “To be honest, we really don’t know yet.”
Toni puts her index finger in her mouth, “Something to do with me?”
Tony plucks her hand away from her face, “Yes, we think it is something to do with you.”
Thinking for a moment, Toni asks, “Will you tell me when you find out what you are looking for?”
“You’ll be the first to know.” Steve answers her before Tony has the chance.
With that Tony sits Toni down to watch TV and the three men gather at the table. Tony has Jarvis page Bruce, Natasha, and Clint. While they wait on them to get there, Tony makes coffee.
Soon all the Avengers are gathered around the
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 1 1
One Who Cries ch 16
Thor struts with purpose toward the cell that holds his brother. He has Toni’s drawings tucked under one arm. He feels…he doesn’t know what he feels. He’s worried about his friend’s child. A child who he had grown quite fond of. He hated to think any kind of magic would affect her so negatively.
He also hated to think it was anything other than magic. At least if it was magic it could be fixed.
He barely pauses at the corner of the cell, and takes a deep breath. Loki is sitting against a wall, pretending to read.
“Loki, I must speak with you.” Thor states.
“So glad you could finally visit, brother.” Loki closes his book and side eyes Thor. “What could you possibly wish to speak about?”
“I want you to explain to me why you are tormenting the young Stark.” Thor exclaims.
Loki sighs, “I have no idea who you are referring to.”
“You know exactly. The Man of Iron’s child, you are tormenting
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 2 0
One Who Cries ch 15
Thor looks up from the tablet he is holding when Tony rushes into the room followed closely by Steve. “Good afternoon friends.” He greets them.
Tony seems to be shaking slightly, “Can you tell me what these look like to you?”
Tony hands Thor a stack of papers and, raising an eyebrow, Thor looks through them. “These appear to be drawings of my brother. What of it?”
Steve and Tony share a look. Thor frowns at the two of them, a sense of foreboding filling the air, “Who is the artist?”
“My daughter.” Tony answers lowly. “Toni drew those. You know about her nightmares right?”
Thor nods, it hadn’t really been a secret among the group that Toni didn’t sleep well. Tony continues, “She says she dreams about him even though she doesn’t know who he is.”
Thor’s frown deepens, “Could she have seen pictures of him somewhere?”
Steve shakes his head, “There was very little vid
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 2 1
One Who Cries ch 14
Toni stares up at the old wrinkled man before her and wrinkles her
nose. He looks like the kind of man that often yells for children to get
off his lawn. Tony places a hand on her head and makes her look up at
him. “Be nice.”
The man bends down to her level, “My name is Tobias Wilford. What is yours?”
“Toni Cha’Kwaina Stark.”
“That is a lovely name.” Mr. Wilford says and stands back up. “Why don’t you show me your room?”
Toni looks to her father, who nods at her. Slightly reluctant, she
leads the man to her bedroom. The man takes the chair from in front of
her desk and places it at the foot of her bed. He motions for her to sit
on the bed.
Toni does so. Wilford holds up a clipboard and takes a pen out of his jacket. “Now, Miss Stark, do you know why I am here?”
Toni shakes her head.
Wilford nods, “I am a child psychologist.”
When Toni shows no sign of recognition the man continues, “It
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 1
One Who Cries ch 13
The next few days were nothing but turning away journalists and news agencies reporting from in front of Avengers Tower. There was hardly anything on television besides ‘Stark’s Daughter’ either.
It was unsettling to Toni to see herself on TV. Pictures of her were everywhere.
Tony’s phone was ringing off the hook. Eventually he turned it off. What he hadn’t expected, though maybe a little part of him did, was for the government to immediately call him out as a bad father.
So what if he was inexperienced? So, yeah, maybe he had been a bit wild before, but there were 15 year olds out there having babies and if they were approved good parents, why was he so different?
Then again, they weren’t superheroes with loads of enemies either.
Ugh. Tony leaned back in his chair and threw down the tools he was holding. Bruce was in the lab with him and he raised an eyebrow at Tony’s outburst. “Rough day?”
Tony huffed and crossed his arms o
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 0
One Who Cries ch 12
She was wearing a dark blue dress with ruffles. It matched the suit Tony was wearing. Standing behind a big white curtain, Toni was as pale as a ghost. Steve felt for her, remembering the first few times he had been on stage as Captain America. At least he had had backup dancers.
Only he and Happy were allowed backstage right now, after escorting Toni in through a side entrance while Tony distracted everyone up front. Clint was on a second level balcony overlooking the whole room. Steve could hear Tony now addressing the crowd of paparazzi and journalists.
Questions were being hurled at him left and right. Was this about the latest amount of property damage Iron Man had caused? Was he releasing the suit to the government? Was this about his break up with Pepper? New inventions?
Tony was quickly growing tired of the questions. He raised his hands, “As you all know, I called you here for a very special announcement.”
Steve could feel the tension build, like right before a bom
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 0
Days of Their Lives, 14
There was a lot of crying and runny noses. The surge of high pitched voices left Kakashi’s ears ringing. He had very rarely seen Mikeira or Maaku this emotional. Hirari looked a bit malnourished and tired. She had no bruising left from her injury and Escu assured Kakashi that her injuries had healed.
What she didn’t touch upon and what worried Kakashi most was Hirari’s mental state. The memories from that night in early spring when Orochimaru’s henchman had nearly killed her were fresh in her mind.
After a few minutes the crying calms down and the three children start chatting amongst themselves. Escu leaves to attend her patients and Kakashi takes up a corner of the room. It’s Mikeira who takes the initiative to introduce him to Hirari.
She waves a hand in his direction, motioning him closer. Grinning, she says, “This is Kakashi. He is the one who rescued us.”
The little silver haired child looks at him and Kakashi feels suspiciously like he
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 5 0
One Who Cries ch 11
Toni goes to bed much earlier than usual that night; thoroughly exhausted by the bit of ‘training’ Natasha gave her. Natasha informs Tony on everything that happened and what was said. Tony sighs and rubs his forehead, “Thank you…for everything.”
Natasha crosses her arms, “If it’s ok with you, I want to continue her training. Nothing over the top but someone in her position could use a little self-defense.”
Tony nods, “Yeah, ok. I see your point. I’ll talk to her about it tonight.”
“Nightmares still?” Natasha asks grimly.
Tony nods, “I don’t know what to do about them. She has them every night and won’t tell me what they’re about. I just don’t understand.”
Natasha shakes her head, “Just keep being there for her. She’ll tell you when she’s ready.”
The two part ways and Tony heads down to his workshop. He snoozes on the couch until Toni inevitably come
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 0
One Who Cries ch 10
Toni’s nightmares persist.
Jarvis keeps a record of each one and Tony begins to get more and more worried about them as each day passes. To keep her from spending all of her time in her room, Tony invites her into the workshop.
From then on Toni is at her father’s heels; always watching closely as he works. Tony sets her up her own little section in the workshop where her art supplies ends up scattered about a little easel.
Sometimes she will sit by his side and ask questions about what he is doing. She doesn’t understand all the intricacies of mechanics, but she likes to listen to his voice.
They take breaks together, and when she gets tired she naps on the couch against the wall, using the bear the Avengers gave her as a pillow.
They get visitors every now and then; Bruce and Steve mostly. They like to check and make sure that the Stark duo is taking care of themselves. Bruce will sometimes bring his own work and talk to Tony about some problem or theory he’s
:iconinuyashaslove:Inuyashaslove 3 0


SHERLOCK line art by noji1203 SHERLOCK line art :iconnoji1203:noji1203 26 2 Detective Boys by LEmoNmerANGuE Detective Boys :iconlemonmerangue:LEmoNmerANGuE 16 5 Castiel [Supernatural] by killuhime Castiel [Supernatural] :iconkilluhime:killuhime 19 2 Dean Winchester [Supernatural] by killuhime Dean Winchester [Supernatural] :iconkilluhime:killuhime 30 8 Sam Winchester [Supernatural] by killuhime Sam Winchester [Supernatural] :iconkilluhime:killuhime 28 7 forever and ever and ever... by Luna-T forever and ever and ever... :iconluna-t:Luna-T 15 0 Happy Anniversary by qxiu Happy Anniversary :iconqxiu:qxiu 51 4 Teaching by Bluetita Teaching :iconbluetita:Bluetita 20 8 Missed You by GinnyMilling Missed You :iconginnymilling:GinnyMilling 11 3 Through It All by GinnyMilling Through It All :iconginnymilling:GinnyMilling 13 8 Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai by DeltaLimit Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai :icondeltalimit:DeltaLimit 18 6 POF by qxiu POF :iconqxiu:qxiu 76 16 [SPN] too many references by feliure [SPN] too many references :iconfeliure:feliure 77 13 Zorro by Miguel-Santos Zorro :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 521 73 Hold your hand by dragonkat34 Hold your hand :icondragonkat34:dragonkat34 17 2 Stark Spangled Sledding by karadin Stark Spangled Sledding :iconkaradin:karadin 228 26



I've never asked for anything on dA before. But please read this if you care about bats or wildlife in general.

I'm asking for any kind of donation (be it money or supplies) for Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre! And if you can't personally donate, spread the word! Every little bit helps.

They are up to 500+ orphan flying foxes and just today got 60+ orphan microbats brought into care! (also numerous Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Gliders & Birds)

Their fruit bill alone is well over 2,000 PER WEEK!

They are also needing volunteers to help feed so many babies. So if you are in the area and wish to help, please contact them!

118 Narrow Leaf Road
Advancetown, Queensland, Australia
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